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Bangladesh is a very dense-populated country. It has about 140 millions of people. Although it’s economic growth of last two years was better but per capita, power consumption not so much. Power is very crucial issue of the ruling government of Bangladesh. Most of the policy maker thinks that the democracy might be jeopardized behind the unrest power condition of Bangladesh. At present 40% people are harnessing power from grid and rest 60% out of electricity. Absolutely, Bangladesh is a significant energy-starved country. Due to the lack of huge energy security, the energy utility system of Bangladesh is not sufficient. Meanwhile, Power Line Disturbances (PLD) is a common phenomenon in energy sector. It will be inherently exist forever in industrial sector. The business window is exploring everyday behind the potentiality. Local industrial electronics companies are playing important role to combating PLD. Amecon Electronics is a very popular name is industrial arena of Bangladesh. Its commercial inception is in 2005. Amecon Electronics especially work to convert nasty power to healthy power. Amecon Electronics has lot of reputation on AC & DC drives in power electronics sector of Bangladesh. Amecon Electronics still giving effort to renewable energy for the sustainable development of the human being. It has a well-equipped R&D department to meet engineering compliance of products.